a wreath for Maisie…


My first grandchild was born on February 9th this year …. so I at least had begun a bright pink (yes we all knew she was a girl) wreath made from 3 $Dollerama feather boas wrapped around an old wooden wreath and secured with hot glue.


I finally finished it off with some foam letters, pink hearts and a few pink chicks, which are blindingly overtaken by the brightness of the pink feathers… the black dots are the chicks’ eyes ………. maybe I’ll try adding a contrasting colour of chicks one day….


Image painted this old set of shelves shabbily white.  Brought this old window frame from the garage when the sale was signed up.  More white and some kitsch..

ImageMy favourite altered mirror, with the half of the gorgeous Fornasetti face on my wall.Imagethe shuttered doors looking into the kitchen.  There I hung up my Florida pink flamingo mirror………… and some polka dot curtains..

Imagemy dining room wall, complete with large shabby painted mirror, my egg carton flower round mirror and the Walmart clockoldwhite

On top of the first bookshelves, I affixed a scrappy old wood shelf, and the old window from the old house, and added some vintage bitz and pieces.  I painted the ordinary glass vases shabby white, and made modpodged a lovely full moon which is peeking behind the old window..

xtneThis bookshelf is in my minute living room.  I shabbied up an dark wood set of shelves, polka dot gift paper mod podged to the back of the shelf, some family pix and an old  frame and wooden carved boat scene, both shabbily painted..

my new home


cute little bungalow, which stretches with room to the back..

I am renting this bungalow about 10 minutes away from the family house I sold last year.  It is older, and quirky the way i like it.  A big basement downstairs when boxes of sewing, craft supplies, frames, wreaths, memorabilia and tons of photographs remain.  I have been living here since August of last year …. haven’t got much unpacking done, save for essentials.  I have to get moving and organize those boxes so that I can downsize … and at least have my supplies organized so that I can continue my intended works for presents and for decor.

Having boxes to unpack does add to the stress of having too much stuff…. and there is so much I want to do, but spending time in a rejuvenated relationship with my ex-husband, and going over to daughter’s house, who luckily does not live  far away, to help her and spend time with my first gorgeous grandchild ………………… i am having trouble with that first step of a thousand miles journey.  (you know the saying: The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step …. something like that).

It is spring and now I could be primping up my new garden too…………………………. Little bits here and there, but there are all those belongings in the basement…in boxes or piled up against the walls.

fixing up an old family photo

Toronto Teens

this is the original scan….I did a little photoediting

me, my brother and my sister.  I made my fair-isle vest and mum made xtine’s slinky stretch jersey minidress… this is a Polaroid photo.


I don’t know why Xtine is the only one smiling in this pic taken by my mum in 1968. We were still getting used to our new life in Toronto… living in a highrise apartment. Maybe that was my ‘twiggy’ look… maybe Ross was embarrassed stuck between his 2 sisters. One thing though, my sister was more of a smiler than me…

through the years you’ve scanned all those photos of your kids …. now what

First of all, I love music and then came music videos which added exciting new dimension to my appreciation of sound and sight.

Before the ease, convenience and amazing abilities of digital cameras, I was thrilled to be able to scan photos when computers were relatively new in folks’ home (shall we say in the 90’s).

I never had a movie camera, although I wish I did, but would I have made full use of it? When the kids were growing up, we managed to film bits and pieces of babies, kids, teenagers by renting or borrowing video cameras. We love our home movies, but we also have a ton of photographs…

A few years ago, I decided to put some of those many photographs to better, or easier use and attempted to make a slide show of the kids growing up. It was very difficult using what I had on hand, Windows Movie Maker, but with help from my more techno-minded sons, after much blood, sweat and tears, I managed to make a few ‘videos’ of my own. When I say blood, sweat..etc.., as I was learning and painstakingly using the prompts, different transitions, effects, adding words and music, the program would sometimes crash!!! but anyway, I did succeed in creating a number of pictorial records of my youth, my kids and my life in general with music to meld with images (in my mind anyway) in a pleasing and significant way (like those music videos)…

Hopefully in the future, I will make some more memories for the posterity of my family (grammar??) !!!



I have always adored FlowerFaces…

roses from No Frills supermarket ,,, always a bit off, but cheap and I love em...

roses from No Frills supermarket ,,, always a bit off, but cheap and I love em…



my beautiful D-I-L was a bridesmaid at a family wedding. She brought me home on of the table decorations … a cloud of baby’s breath…


she also brought me home her bouquet…


the flowers at the back were the survivors of mothers day last year..


a few more survivors ….


and here are some more No Frills roses…