a really kitschy clock

a really kitschy clock

I know… another clock… but it was only 2 bucks at GW! the clock ticks (battery operated, not as vintage as I thought), but the hands don’t move. If I can prise open the plastic clock covering then I can push the hands gently into place so that they go round again! (you’ll be happy to know that I have successfully done this before) oh and the shiny stuff  visible on the right of the clock is packing tape… I think it was put there to keep the battery in place, as the cover is missing!  I forgot to take it off when I took this photo, but I will take it off, of course…


One thought on “a really kitschy clock

  1. Oh my it is very difficult to say anything about this clock except WOW! It really is ugly! You are so sweet to want to love it – but if you love it lots of other people will! For every reaction there is an equal and opposite reaction! Let the love of this clock begin!

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