music paper wreath…

music paper wreath...

Not just book wreaths, but music paper for vintagey seasonal niceness!  It looks so simple when you follow craftblog instructions for a paper cone wreaths, but I find it was the most difficult paper wreath to do…. trying to neatly fill in all the spaces… Until I was satisfied with the look, I found myself pulling out glued-on cones, trying not to rip them as I did, and then stuffing more cones in places that looked bare, all the while trying to make sure they looked aligned and neat…. and worst of all: BURNING THE FRIGGIN HECK OUT OF MY FINGERS….. (or as John Lennon yelled at the end of one of his songs: I’VE GOT BLISTERS ON MY FINGERS!!!! /// and, yes,  I know it wasn’t hot glue that caused his blisters!)


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