blank canvas…

blank canvas...

this was me in a wig clowning around with my sis,having fun doing our own fashion shoots in 1973…

I recently was going through a mass of memorabilia. I found this pic taken in 1973, that I had scanned onto regular photocopy/all purpose paper way back in the late 90s, when I first discovered the wonder of being able to scan photographs, manipulate them and print!! computer technology opened up a whole new world to me. and I have to thank my eldest son for teaching me so much about photoediting  to get me started on my learning curve when it was still quite new… thanks T xxx uou should wee his grafical ability now!!

So there are these blank canvases, 8×10 that I bought for $1 each at DolleRama! I took my print and modpodged it onto said canvas….let it dry and modpodged matte over the top. I was so pleased when the colours did not run!  Considering that at the top of the canvas, you can see that the printer ink was going dry!  bit I like the overall effect personally!

I can say to my kids… get a load of your mum when she was single… and young!


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