I lost my oh-so-friggin easy PHOTO SUITE 4 photo editing program

I lost my oh-so-friggin easy Photo Suite 4 photo editing program

My last computer died… so when I finally could afford it, I got a new one with Windows 8. It’s great…………..but what is not so great for me is that because this comp is so new, it wont let me install my absolute favourite photoedting program that I have been using for about 14 years ~ Photo Suite 4 is incompatible with Window 8!  Yes I know it is ancient, but I found it so simple and easy to use and I managed to do all sorts of great stuff so easily!!  I have a couple of new photo programs, but so far I am totally confused!   Yes my sons all  have been use Photo Shoppe or years and readily extoll it’s greatness …… but it’s all about layers and masks, whereas Photo Suite made it so easy for me with cut & paste,  smart blur’ compose and project modes etc..

This photo needed some background removed…….. so I tried my hand at MS Paint which could be older than Photo Suite ……..took me ages to figure it out, and if you don’t zoom in, it’s not so bad.. and yes it’s more about painting…

Time for those video tutorials I guess, but they are so damn confusing…


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