One day when I was looking through a fashion mag, I came across this ad (above).  It appealed to me in such a  stunning  way that  I ripped the pic out with the thought of someday adding it to a collage or something. There was these ones too that I discovered.Louis-Vuitton-Advertising-Campaign-for-Spring-Summer-2012-10…more of the   Fabulous LV ad campaign!

I loved the Louis Vuitton 2011 Spring collection.. gorgeous pale milky sugary confections of exquisite design.. – not to forget the beyond gorgeous  pastelly dresses and suits, as well as  the phenomenal lace design..Louis-Vuitton-Advertising-Campaign-for-Spring-Summer-2012-9


I only had managed to locate and tear out  3 of these thick glossy mag LV ads…. so I tried cut and paste and collage onto an old  cream pained aluminum container!  I haven’t really finished it yet and I think it needs another couple of coats of mod podge, but right now  it goes with my ‘cherry’ blossom branches..Louis-Vuitton-Advertising-Campaign-for-Spring-Summer-2012-5


this one I just did ‘enhance and a bit of cropping… with I think MS photos…




another enhance and crop photo……….but I could fix it so much better…groan!


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