chestnut trees…

chestnutbllA glorious big shade, breezy green lush tree in my neighbour’s garden (just over the fence. It was planted about 20 years ago by a squirrel, and the neighbours back then thought it the perfect location for a tree.

I love how the leaves are one of the first to burst forth, when spring really gets going… large almost limey-green leaves growing lush and making a perfectly symmetrical, rotund tree. Then the large pointed stems containing small cream coloured blossoms with tiny cherry red centres are born, and blow around like pretty confetti with the breezes. It is out of these blossoms that the chestnuts are forming…. and then watch out….


only a smattering of the chestnut blossoms covering my back garden… oh and who uses a chair to spray paint crafts???

It’s a tree that likes to litter, but with a great yield of nutmeat to go around…next the local furry foragers start their littering of the thick prickly light green protective shell that they try to decimate to get at the hard shiny dark brown chestnuts….

In the late summer, along with all the bits and pieces of the chestnuts and green spiked shells on the ground, and sometimes getting bonked on the head when you sit under its welcoming shade, those lovely big lush chestnut tree leaves start to get brown and dried looking on the edges, long before the other trees, and start falling to the ground……….

But it has been a grand tree to enjoy in my garden. I shall miss it when I move…

chestnut tree


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