How Does Your (neglected) Garden Grow?

Spring turns my garden into a lush green space with a varied palette.  This year it seems out of the green, spring has also brought more lovely whites than ever…  sadly fleeting though they be when, before the harsh hot summer sun settles in…  I have planted many bushes, flowers and trees in my 27 years living in this house.  Some did well, some grew too big (like the weeping willow tree I romantically pictured in my head and planted in 1990), some survived a few years then disappeared and some never got off the ground, but as I started out very green in my gardening skills, that’s how it goes I suppose (excuse the puns).  Learning as you go and grow…

Last year I was not too spry as I was suffering from a progressively destroyed arthritic hip ball & socket, and then had hip replacement surgery done actually 1 year ago today!!   However, it is nice that nature still rewards us with perennial presents, even if we have not been too good at tending the garden for a few years..


The stunning bridal spirea with the heady scent, although in taking this photo, I did not do the fullness of this bush, justice!


I suppose this photo taken yesterday is my spirea at its ultimate best.  That’s my youngest son with our fluffy feline Laney, who does not like to be picked up unless she demands it…


I finally found a decorative bird cage.  It was from Wallymart and on sale (not by much) for $16.  I filled it with some spirea… The polka dot tablecloth is actually a thrifted curtain….and the garden chairs and glass table are gifted/thrifted…


I bought this bush about 10 years ago from a local variety store.  The lady said she did not know what it was called, but that it would have lovely blossoms and come back every year…


Alright, only a few lily-of-the-valleys this year.. some periwinkle and goats beard……………. which I have been pulling up every summer, but they still come back in spades…


Lush ferns that unfortunately will turn brown and frizzled in the summer heat.. oh and twigs for another project…

I am still waiting for one of my faves to blossom……… anytime now!  My mock orange bush… Oh and my hip, much better…


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