The Elvis/Michael connection…


when we added a room in the basement, the gorgeous bee-hived Priscilla got built over, but you can still see a smidgen of her head…


Way back in the mid-90s, my very artistic ‘tween’ daughter surprised us all with this mural. She had used many of the materials that had been lurking in the basement ‘workshop’ to create this textured masterpiece. The subjects’ hair consisted of, most likely, an assortment of toxic glues, fillers, God knows what, that she shaped with artistic perfection….

A few years ago, (my daughter had already flown the coop), I touched it up it, as everyday grime, messy fingers and dog’s paws, cat’s claws and having a house full of growing boys and their pals, had paled its splendour.

Alas, Alack, I just sold the house and I couldn’t take the wall with me, but we took lots of pictures of my daughter’s comic obsession with ‘connection’ masterpiece.


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