I bought this chalkware set of moon clown bookends sometime in the late 70’s, from Courage My Love, a quaint little antique store that I believe is still doing business in the ecclectic Kensginton Market area in TO….  just because I thought they were so-oooo cute, and as they were both somewhat broken in places I got them dirt cheap.

Throughout the years I have started to fix them – broken legs, separated from  their moons, cracked hands etc -with glue, rebuilding missing parts with clay and I had planned to paint them, because I’ve always loved doing that sort of thing.  Of course that was long before I knew they were chalkware!   I have always known the stuff that I like is usually retro, but since I discovered Pinterest a year ago, I have learned a lot about what my retro favourites picked up through the years, are!!

Glad I didn’t paint them, but I still have to finish repairing them, when I finally find where I packed them for my move in July, just because they are so cute…!


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