more photo-editing…


my whole family stars alongside of me in a lot of Trae’s greeting cards, as well as assorted pets…. which of course makes it extra sweeeett!!


Ever since the late 90’s, with the onset and subsequent ease of digital cameras, scanners, and photo-editing programs, my eldest son (who is now 35) and I seemed to clue in at about the same time and started to manipulate photos for pleasure.  If that meant getting rid of unwanted objects, brightening up colour, cropping, adding missing family members, special effects, we embraced this new technological platform with excited enthusiasm and taught ourselves how to make the very best of photographs!  Of course Trae did go onto a college graphics course and learned even more about graphic manipulating (and he is very talented), including mastering the famous Photoshop and other intimidating graphic and video programs.  Me, I stuck with my simple MGI Photosuite, which I luckily have managed to retrieve yet again (thanks Ewen) even with the buggy Windows 8 on my new computer.  Believe me I have tried Photoshop, as my kids would always convincingly retort that it is so easy to learn ……….. um, maybe for them!  I just got frustrated and wanted a simple program, and the layer thing really threw me off.

Anyway, Trae has been serving up logos, website designs and video advertising for years now.  Unfortunately, he was unable to finish enough college  to receive an all-important diploma, but he has developed his own free-lance design business that he works on when he is not working as a full time courier.



this too…


Trae loves to make special birthday, xmas, greeting cards , all with his spot-on sense of humour, that convey the favourite activities, people, animals, movies or TV series specifically designed for each person.



this is my favourite as I fell deeply in love with the TV show, Sopranos (I do despise the onscreen bloodshed, sexual content, physical human suffering, but luckily I can Fast-Forward through those scenes… I added the wood inscriptions…sometimes the modpodge transfer method works, sometimes not, as can plainly be seen here!!  That is my face on Carmela’s body, not my hair, but it ends up looking a lot like me……… & Edie has a much nicer body than me…


He makes sure to do this on special occasions for his 5 sibs & their significant others, grandmum, me and his dad and a number of lucky friends and other family members.  Here are a couple of my greetings, suitable for framing, (his greeting cards used to be printed on blank card paper, but he likes being able to see the full effect of the picture) that I have received in the last 2 years..




My latest birthday card from last month is ~ wait for it ~………….. BREAKING MUM.……….!!


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