shirtless hirsute man….

shirtless hirsuit man....

…. was in the background. I really liked this photo taken by my sis-in-law of my brother with their 2 lovely daughters at the top of the Eiffel Tower back in 2005. The original photo had body parts of a hirsute, shirtless man standing behind my littlest niece… Quite unsightly and a big distraction from the simplicity of this photo of family love. So I photoedited the right side of this photo, which wasn’t easy and was quite time-consuming – yes, one can see the dicey job done with the fencing ……………. so let’s add a special effect via pixl express [which luckily I found on FB after PhotoBucket switched their multi-effects, multi-version wonderfully creative photo-editing program to a kindergarten-like dud, supposedly so people with Iphones and the other would easily use it] ……. and perhaps draw attention away from the less than good photoediting on the upper right

robertr and girls2a

I am relatively happy with it now..

But, where you ask, is the original photo?  It is lost in the nothingness of one of my dead computers, long gone …………, you will have to take my word for it!


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