cant find the right photo?…. play with photoediting..

cant find the right photo.... play with photoediting..

Was looking at this wedding photo of my daughter.kylabride
Then I thought … the horse carriage where she is sitting reminds me of the pram… I didn’t actually have a photo of her dad and me standing by her pram …. so I made one to juxtapose by the wedding pic – and this is the card I gave to her, my sweet Lily, on November 25th, her 33rd birthday…. oh how time flies..

First I had to find the pose… googled images  mum&dad by pram … this was the closest I could find…prAMY Then you let whatever photoediting skills you have work from the below pic to the opening pic…  I basically figured out a simple program in the late 90s – MGI PhotoSuite.  My eldest son taught me a few tricks and I was off!  HOWEVER, I am sorry to say I have not mastered PhotoShop, with which Trae and Camlin have soared into magnificent creative heights..  I have tried, but I get so confused that I give up…. layers and all…..

Well, maybe: never say never…


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