my new home


cute little bungalow, which stretches with room to the back..

I am renting this bungalow about 10 minutes away from the family house I sold last year.  It is older, and quirky the way i like it.  A big basement downstairs when boxes of sewing, craft supplies, frames, wreaths, memorabilia and tons of photographs remain.  I have been living here since August of last year …. haven’t got much unpacking done, save for essentials.  I have to get moving and organize those boxes so that I can downsize … and at least have my supplies organized so that I can continue my intended works for presents and for decor.

Having boxes to unpack does add to the stress of having too much stuff…. and there is so much I want to do, but spending time in a rejuvenated relationship with my ex-husband, and going over to daughter’s house, who luckily does not live  far away, to help her and spend time with my first gorgeous grandchild ………………… i am having trouble with that first step of a thousand miles journey.  (you know the saying: The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step …. something like that).

It is spring and now I could be primping up my new garden too…………………………. Little bits here and there, but there are all those belongings in the basement…in boxes or piled up against the walls.


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