fixing up an old family photo

Toronto Teens

this is the original scan….I did a little photoediting

me, my brother and my sister.  I made my fair-isle vest and mum made xtine’s slinky stretch jersey minidress… this is a Polaroid photo.


I don’t know why Xtine is the only one smiling in this pic taken by my mum in 1968. We were still getting used to our new life in Toronto… living in a highrise apartment. Maybe that was my ‘twiggy’ look… maybe Ross was embarrassed stuck between his 2 sisters. One thing though, my sister was more of a smiler than me…


through the years you’ve scanned all those photos of your kids …. now what

First of all, I love music and then came music videos which added exciting new dimension to my appreciation of sound and sight.

Before the ease, convenience and amazing abilities of digital cameras, I was thrilled to be able to scan photos when computers were relatively new in folks’ home (shall we say in the 90’s).

I never had a movie camera, although I wish I did, but would I have made full use of it? When the kids were growing up, we managed to film bits and pieces of babies, kids, teenagers by renting or borrowing video cameras. We love our home movies, but we also have a ton of photographs…

A few years ago, I decided to put some of those many photographs to better, or easier use and attempted to make a slide show of the kids growing up. It was very difficult using what I had on hand, Windows Movie Maker, but with help from my more techno-minded sons, after much blood, sweat and tears, I managed to make a few ‘videos’ of my own. When I say blood, sweat..etc.., as I was learning and painstakingly using the prompts, different transitions, effects, adding words and music, the program would sometimes crash!!! but anyway, I did succeed in creating a number of pictorial records of my youth, my kids and my life in general with music to meld with images (in my mind anyway) in a pleasing and significant way (like those music videos)…

Hopefully in the future, I will make some more memories for the posterity of my family (grammar??) !!!


maryliytwigSpotted this pic of Marilyn on Pinterest today! Beautiful, but definitely not a MM look………. looks more like the Twig!  Pinterest search for Twiggy and I find this iconic shot of her…


look familiar!!  Put these 2 photos side-by-side and this is what you get:

martwigThis is no great earthshattering import to anyone of course, but it was a fun ride…  In my opinion who ever did the photoshop editing did a great job!!  As far as I can see the Twiggy shot is the original – only Marylin’s actual face is replacing that of Twiggy to depict a totally new look for  MM… the neck and shoulders, the ears, the hair (of Twiggy) and even the photo border are identical in both photos….  I’ll have to check out a photo of MM’s ears now…..